Preamble stands for continuity and highest quality training of scythe teachers.

Our instructors have more than 10 years experience as scythe teachers and more than six years as instructors.

The current team has been training scythe teachers since 2013. Since 2014, the level of education has been constantly evolving and consolidated in methodology.
Originating from the two scythe clubs from Austria and Germany, has been an independent educational institution since 2019. In particular, the training of scythe teachers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and the US requires an EU-wide education system that can operate independently of individual groups but the goal is to work closely with local clubs, groups and companies. is not limited exclusively to the basic training of scythe teachers. Continuing education in terms of comprehensive knowledge about mowing with the scythe, the repair and conservation of material but also knowledge and knowledge in a historical context are among the foundations of our educational mission.

Meadow care in the sense of conservation of cultural landscapes, also in the context of nature conservation days, requires revival and new, intensive education of future-oriented people.

Hay advertising by means of gentle, high-quality methods, also against the background of historical work processes, is one of our important goals. One of the important concerns is the reduction of the use of large machines.
This is especially true in the small-scale area, such as home gardens, embankments and other meadow areas that can be maintained poorly or not at all with machines.

Further development of equipment and accessories, including production and method of dissemination is another concern of These include not only simple devices, such as manual pressing, but also the production of e.g. Whetstones and the like.
Keyword "Ecologically adapted techniques and methods".

The development of new educational formats for students, but also for scythe teachers, is therefore one of the most important tasks of this new educational institution.

All in all a great task and challenge for the preservation of the scythe as a traditional craft but also as a modern, ecologically excellent, healthy and sporty ambitious activity, both in the free time but also quite as a professional challenge.