Mowing with the scythe for household use at the Swabian Farm Museum Illerbeuren on May 30, 2021

Bildleiste Mähen

This is the right course for those who have decided to "reach for the scythe" more often in the future and want to learn this from the ground up.

Einstellen der Sense
Mähdemostration bei der Sensenlehrerausbildung
Mähen Am Morgen
Didaktische Unterweisung der Kursteilnehmer
Mähen in der Gruppe
Unterweisung im Wetzen
Üben des Wetzens
Kumpf mit Unterammergauer Wetzstein
Sensen Silleben

This four-hour course teaches how easy mowing with the scythe can be and also brings advanced knowledge and exercises in mowing.


  • Material knowledge and safe handling of the scythe
  • correct adjustment of the scythe
  • correct mowing technique for fatigue-free mowing
  • Whetting (sharpening) the scythe
  • Assessment of the cutting edge
  • Presentation and trial of different types of scythe
  • opt .: Behavior in difficult mowing situations (mowing of slopes, mowing around obstacles)
  • opt .: Tips for raking and removing the crop
  • opt .: Uses of the crop
  • opt .: traditional Reutern (Heinzen, Schwedenreuter, Heumandl ...)
  • opt .: Dengeln with the Schlagdengler

How do I say it right?

As a "scythe teacher" and "instructor of the scythe teachers", I am also trained in addition to the technique, to present difficult connections in an easy, vivid and clear way. Exercises and individual coaching deepen the skills of the students.

Further course information:

  • Weatherproof clothing, sturdy shoes, possibly sunscreen
  • Bring drinks and snacks
  • own scythes can be brought for review


The mowing course takes place in (almost) every weather. However, if the weather is extremely bad, the course will be postponed. For further information please call (0 83 94) 14 55.

Organizer: Swabian farm museum Illerbeuren
Registration: Telephone (0 83 94) 14 55 or mail to the Schwäbische Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren The number of participants is limited.
Course fee: 65, - €
Meeting point: 9.00 am Museum entrance

We ask for a timely cancellation at the museum, in case you should be prevented, so that the place can be occupied again.

Contact to the scythe teacher: Thomas Isermann, mail to Thomas Isermann

Kursleiter: Thomas Isermann beim Wetzen




Sunday, May 30, 2021 - 09:00 to 13:00