Peening and repairing scythes in the Ecological Education Center Munich on May 1, 2020

Bildleiste Dengeln

"Good cutting edge, half work", is the motto of this course.
This course complements the mowing course where students learn how to repair their scythe blades and how to use various peening methods to restore the cutting edge of the blade to an optimal cutting condition.

Dengeln einer Pike
Dengeln auf dem dem Handwerkertag Seefeld
Schäden ausfeilen
Dengeln auf dem Steirischen Anboß
Kontrolle der Schneide
Steirisch Dengeln
Beurteilen der Schneide nach dem Dengeln
Dengeln mit dem Schlagdengler
Dengeln mit dem Schlagdengler

This four-hour course, usually after the "Mowing for Home" course, teaches various peening techniques, ways to repair a damaged blade, and provides many valuable tips on mowing with the scythe. As a half-day course, the following contents are taught (as a combination with mowing course is still on Reutermethoden and other uses of the crop received).

  • Assessment of the cutting edge (DRS)
  • Sophisticated Advanced Peening Methods (DRS)
  • Repairing cutting edges (DRS)

Many scythes, very old or recent, are rusting sadly. Also, many newly purchased scythes are only suitable for caressing the meadows, but not for mowing.
Is the scythe just out of focus and does it have to be repaired and / or peened or is it irreparable and better suited as a decorative object?
To judge and if possible to repair the scythe and / or to peen shows this course.
If someone has personally experienced how easy play and in addition the most effective mowing with a good scythe is, there is an interest in looking behind the scenes and optimizing your own scythe for maximum performance.

How do I say it right?

As a "scythe teacher" and "instructor of the scythe teachers", I am also trained in addition to the technique, to present difficult connections in an easy, vivid and clear way. Exercises and individual coaching deepen the skills of the students.

Further course information:

  • Weatherproof clothing, sturdy shoes, possibly sunscreen, ear protection
  • Bring drinks and snacks
  • own scythes can be brought for review

The peening course takes place in (almost) every weather. However, if the weather is extremely bad, the course will be postponed. For further information please call (089/ 93 94 89-61/-65.

Organizer: Ecological Education Center Munich / MVHS Munich
Registration: Telefon 089/ 93 94 89-61/-65 or Mail to Ecological Education Center Munich / MVHS Munich The number of participants is limited.
Course fee: 65,- €
Meeting point: 14.00 Uhr Entrance Ecological Education Center Munich, Englschalkinger Str. 166, 81927 München , Bayern

We ask for a timely cancellation at the museum, in case you should be prevented, so that the place can be occupied again.

Contact to the scythe teacher: Thomas Isermann, mail to Thomas Isermann

Kursleiter: Thomas Isermann beim Wetzen



Friday, May 1, 2020 - 14:00 to 17:30