Training as a scythe teacher in May 2020


Training as a scythe teacher in May 2020

Mähdemostration bei der Sensenlehrerausbildung
Feilen des Sensenblattes um Schäden auszubessern
Unterweisung im Wetzen
Mähen Am Morgen
Pressen des Mähgutes zu Heuballen
Besuch beim Sensen-Richter im Produktionsbetrieb
Kursleiter: Erwin Zachl

Das Kurshotel: Villa SonnwendFrom the 23rd to the 30th of May 2020 (23rd of May is arrival day - arrival until 18:00 o'clock). Course location is the Villa Sonnwend in the National Park Kalkalpen. The course fee is set this year with € 750.00.
Catering directly in the hotel Villa Sonnwend.
We will again negotiate a favorable package arrangement for the participants.
Accommodation: If required, we can either directly in the Villa Sonnwend or in the closer environment for you to organize a lodging - or you book yourself.

Requirements for admission to training:

  •     With the scythe can mow very well
  •     Participated in a scythe basic course with an authorized scythe teacher
  •     Very good knowledge of at least one dengel method
  •     Joy of sharing knowledge
  •     Will, a sense of responsibility and a sense for leading groups of people
  •     Brief letter of motivation, Previous level of knowledge (self-assessment), why scythe teacher?
  •     Please attach this letter of motivation when registering


  •     Can control the scythe in all situations
  •     Make a good cutting edge with the help of dengeling and whetting
  •     Healthy posture when mowing
  •     Background knowledge about the scythe and the grass mowing
  •     Dealing with rake and fork
  •     Didactics, "How do I convey it to the students"
  •     Observe, recognize and correct errors
  •     Independent course management based on the prepared syllabus
  •     Offer public courses
  •     Commitment to the goals of grinder mowing
Course fees (net without VAT): € 750,00
In addition there are stay / catering costs about € 400,00
and of course the journey.
The course takes place in A-Windischgarsten or A-Rossleithen.
Your trainers are Erwin Zachl and Thomas Isermann
Kursleiter: Thomas Isermann beim Wetzen
Saturday, May 23, 2020 - 18:00 to Saturday, May 30, 2020 - 13:00